Farr X2 Update from Sea Ventures - with Matt Sheehan from Planetsail

June 12, 2024


Matt Sheehan from Planetsail has revisited the Farr X2 in June 2024 and chatted to Bret Perry and Nigel Colley about how the project is coming along.  View the video below:



This new 30 ft racing boat is now being built in full in Portugal, having moved the build from Australia.  The first of the newly built boats arrived a couple of months ago here in the UK and is now being sea trialled, ready for being handed over to it's proud new owner.  

Bret gave his summary of why the all new Farr X2 racing boat is so important:

- It's the first Farr X2 being built out of Nelo, Portugal. Nelo are infusion specialist and are the leading manufacturer of Kayaks, but have now stepped into the larger boat market. 

-The Farr X2 has been built by infusion - which makes it unique and adds to the boat performance.

-Farr X2 hull #7 is due in the UK very soon ( 6 weeks)

-Farr X2 hull #8 is sold and going to New Zealand

-Farr X2 hull #9 is sold, deposit taken

-Minute changes to the build have given this boat the extra edge when it comes to racing: adaptions to the rudders; carbon shedlock bar, carbon tiller, additions to the life raft locker making it lighter, fully infused deck and hull making a huge difference to weight control, responsiveness and stability, all saving kilos to make the boat as light as possible. 

So the project is really now taking off with this new racing boat taking the racing world by storm.  Nigel Colley, renowned racing sailor and an advocate of short-handed sailing, also gave his thoughts:

-There has been a rise in double-handed sailing which is fantastic, but for those who don't necessarily want to race double-handed this boat meets a gap in the market. The all new Farr X2 racing boat can be raced single-handed, double-handed, or with a crew of 3/4/5 people.

-This racing boat has been created for those who want to have fun, they would like to go out racing, race a boat with fantastic performance and enjoy racing!

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