2nd generation Farr X2 now in the UK!

May 8, 2024



The all new second generation Farr X2 is taking the racing world by storm with hull#6, the first Nelo built boat, arriving in the UK

From the minute the new generation Farr X2 was born the brief to seek ‘ultimate performance’ has never faltered.

“It just works” is the compliment from all who sail it.

The Background:

Performance Race Yachts, a Sea Ventures Race Yachts brand, are now the team behind the new Farr X2. Over the last year, the all-new Farr X2 build project has moved from the Southern to the Northern Hemisphere with the team, led by Bret Perry and partner Nigel de Q Colley, who have spent the year setting-up and starting the re-builds.  

The team are now working with NELO, just north of Portugal who are the licensed global manufacturer. Nelo bring huge credibility, passion and experience to the project and are established in the marine industry with 97 Olympic Games medals already to their name. Nelo are infusion laminate specialists, having perfected their skills over the last 30 years of building the best kayaks, surg skis and canoes, but have expanded in recent years into building bigger boats. They were looking for a new project and the Farr X2, a high-performance race boat with an all-composite interior fitted the bill perfectly.

The Results:

The result is staggering with the infusion process providing consistency and the required quality. Stage calculated weighing has the boats bang on design weight. Both the Nelo and Farr X2 team are proud to now be building the new generation Farr X2s with a strong emphasis on quality control resulting in a performance race boat like no other. These boats are quickly gaining the reputation as the most exciting and fun boats to sail in their size and class.

The Hulls:

  • Hull#6 has now arrived in the UK where she will be commissioned and then will be moving to Canada. First sea trials will be next week!
  • Hull #7 has started which is UK bound with ETA around the end of June
  • Hull #8 has been sold to New Zealand (This is the second boat in New Zealand with Hull #5 regularly competing in the Bay of Islands region.)
  • Hull#9 and #10 are set to be built thereafter and have owners ready to commit

The question is, where will Hull#11 go?!   This will be the next available hull on the market.

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